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If you or someone in your family will be applying for assistance under SSI or Medicaid, New York State mandates that all applicants for or recipients of Medicaid be irrevocable. Federal and State law provide that properly trusted (irrevocable) assets intended for the payment of funeral expenses will not be considered as a resource when eligibility is determined. Setting aside monies for burial expenses is now extremely simplified. Contact us for further information.

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Why We Use Pre-Plan Inc.

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the ins and outs of our services in depth.

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How Pre-Plan Works

Pre-Planning services you can count on

•  Select desired merchandise and services

•  A fully itemized statement and contract will be provided

•  Your check will be forwarded to Pre-Plan offices for deposit

•  You'll receive a receipt

Things you should know

A pre-planned funeral or cremation is normally paid for in advance. The entire balance is used to initiate the funeral trust account in a local bank or Pre-Plan, Inc.  Because of the use of this third party, the funeral home cannot access any part of this trust account until Pre-Plan, Inc. or the bank is supplied with a certified death certificate copy.  These services can be cancelled and refunded at any time, if the account is set up as revocable.

•  It's a safe, well-managed trust

•  Interest rates keep up with or surpass inflation

•  Scheduled payment plans available

•  Additional deposits accepted any time

•  SSI/Medicaid expertise in mandatory irrevocable accounts

•  Funds are automatically paid to us upon performance of

   a funeral

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